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Acupuncture at the Dentist

Source: Fox News Acupuncture may provide relief for dental patients who reflexively gag during procedures like teeth impressions, according to Italian researchers. Up to 20 percent of the U.S. population has severe anxiety at the dentist’s office. People who cannot help their gag reflex may unintentionally deprive themselves of the best dental care, write more »

Australian Hospitals Use Acupuncture

Source: Herald Sun Australian hospitals are finally catching up with what the Chinese have long known -acupuncture is a great alternative form of pain relief. Acupuncture is fast gaining acceptance in mainstream medicine right across the Western world. It’s already used routinely in several Australian emergency departments and is now undergoing a randomised, controlled more »

Acupuncture for Your Pets

Source: Huffington Post Acupuncture comes from the Latin words acus (needle) and puncture (to prick). Simply, acupuncture means pricking the skin with a needle. This ancient Chinese healing art has been around 5,000 years for use in people. The earliest animal acupuncture charts — for horses — were from 136 A.D. So the technique more »

Traditional Chinese Medicine Stalls Diabetes

Source: Medical Daily One of the hallmarks of ancient herbal remedies is that they are steeped in mystery and wonder. Unfortunately, they’re also looked down upon in the medical community as hokum, relying more on the power of placebo than on real change. But a new study of traditional Chinese medicine suggests certain herbal more »

Can Acupuncture Help You Lose Weight?

Source: Women’s Health Magazine If you’re OK with the whole needle thing, ear acupuncture could be a great way to slim down, according to a new Korean study published in the journal Acupuncture in Medicine. For this study, researchers wanted to not only test out the effectiveness of ear acupuncture in general in boosting more »

Treatment for Colds and Flu

Source: Acupuncture Today Some years ago, a group of esteemed scientists from the People’s Republic of China were invited to visit the United States by the American scientific community. This event ushered in an exchange of ideas and an opportunity for two great nations to be able to corroborate on a number of issues more »

Boost Your Immunity

Source: AcuTake Acupuncture strengthens natural resistance to disease. It’s a simple idea and yet profound. Forget endorphins. Forget improved blood circulation. Forget placebo. This is how acupuncture works—by strengthening our natural resistance to disease. Whether we’re talking about the flu, and hence its immunity-boosting ability, or back pain, acupuncture makes us stronger so that more »

14 Things Acupuncture Can Help You Do in 2014

Source: AcuTake The new year is officially underway, so it’s time to get serious about any changes or improvements that you’ve committed to making in 2014. How are you going to be healthier? In what ways will you be different at this time next year? Acupuncture can help you get to that desired place. more »

Acupuncture an Essential Health Benefit

Source: UCLA Breaking news: Acupuncture will be considered an “essential health benefit” in California and will be covered by individual and small group health plans starting in 2014. The American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (AAAOM) EHB Task Force has worked hard over the past year to bring the health benefits of acupuncture more »

The Globalization of Acupuncture

Source: Acupuncture Today With Oprah and her worldwide audience learning about the benefits of acupuncture, is mainstream public acceptance far behind? “We’re witnessing the globalization of medicine.” With those simple words, Dr. Mehmet Oz may have brought acupuncture and Oriental medicine one step closer to worldwide public acceptance. The setting: “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” more »

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